System Modelling

January 1, 2017
4 credits

learning Objectives :

This course is about the concepts of systems, systems approach, model, and model development. System Concepts: understanding the system, system characteristics, classification. Approach System: the principle of system approach and system analysis. Model: Model concept, model definition, characteristics of the model, the classification model, the assumptions and the model formulation. Model development: the principles of modeling, introduction to computer simulation, a computer simulation modeling, the analysis of the data input, verification and analysis outputs, parameterization, validation and evaluation

Competencies :

1. Students understand the concept of the system, the system approaches, models and modeling systems
2. Students are able to formulate the problem and make the characterization
3. Students are able to formulate a model of the formulated problem
4. Students are able to formulate steps of solving problems as well as analysis of the established formulation model.
5. Students are able to formulate a simulation model of a given problem integral system
6. Students are able to create a computer simulation program to solve a given problem
7. Students are able to develop experiments and analysis of the simulation model developed for the analysis to develop appropriate decision-making on the problems

Subject :

System Concepts, Systematic Approach, Models and Models Variation.


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