Specialization Option 1


Courses of Specialization Options

To enhance the competency of students in certain fields, therefore optional subjects are made compulsorily taken as many as 9 credits. Because many areas are needed to be given in accordance with the areas of industry, then optional subjects are classified into several fields. This grouping is referred to as Specialization Options.


Courses of Specialization Options are grouped into six different specialization which is managed by the Group’s expertise in Telkom University Industrial Engineering Program. Optional subjects which compulsorily need to be taken as many as 9 credits or equal to 3 subjects that exist in one group specialization. At its implementation, these optional courses are not necessarily held in every term, but will be set to follow even and odd semester, because the nature of this optional subjects are interrelated.


Subject CodeSubject NameSKSSubject CodeSubject NameSKS
IEG403E-Commerce3IEG4V3Technology Management3
IEG4Q3ERP – Production and Logistics3IEG4J3Computer Integrated Management3
IEG423Innovation and Entrepreneurship3IEG4I3Industrial Automation3
IEG4T3Communication and Marketing Integration3IEG433Introduction to Syariah Economics3
IEG413IT Governance3IEG485Business Initiative Development I3
IEG453Banking Service3IEG486Business Initiative Development II3
IEG4M3Lean Six Sigma3IEG4U3Billing3
IEG4R3Customer Relation Management3IEG4K3Simultant Product and Process Design3
IEG473Finance Management3IEG495Integrated Internship I3
IEG4L3Advanced Quality Management3IEG496Integrated Internship II3
IEG4Z3Knowledge Management3IEG4W3Telecommunication Regulation3
IEG4N3Maintenance Management3IEG4S3Marketing Research3
IEG463Project Management3IEG4Y3Geographic Information System3
IEG4O3Supply Chain Management3IEG4P3Inventory Management System3
IEG443Risk Management3IEG4X3Decision Support System3


Specific Line Courses

To provide an opportunity for students who want to get a direct competence by empirical practice in the field, or for those who want to develop entrepreneurial competencies, the specific lane courses are reserved in two groups of subjects. The first group is a group of subjects similar with business internship for 1 semester, while the second group is a subject that gives direct experience to create a commercial establishment / business.


NoSubject CodeSubject NameSKS
1Integrated Work Experience 15
2Integrated Work Experience 26
3Business Initiative Development 15
4Business Initiative Development 26

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