2 Credits
DESCRIPTIONHINDUHindu Religion Course consists of basic personal establishment which gives Students the guidance and motivates them to possess a good personality and character regarding to Hindu’s universal moral principle. Students are also expected to have integrity, loyalty, dedication, and responsibility.



Islamic course offers MBTIStudents the principle of personal manifestation consisting of knowledge, values, and attittudes. This course also builds MBTI Students’s personality to be theperson who believes in God and has a good character.



This course deals withthe meaning, objective, and benefit of The Alkitab which is implemented by Studentspersonally and socially.

LEARNING OBJECTIVESHINDUAfter joining this class, Students are expected to be able to essentially understand Hindu, to fully comprehend and to continually apply the principle of Hindu. Those abilities can be applied by establishing Hindu’s universal moral principle to be a guidance and motivation. Afterwards, Students can possess a good character, integrity, loyalty, dedication and responsibility.



Students are expected to be able to compare essentially The Al-Quran and The Ijtihad after taking a part on this course. Then, they can conclude and choose The Al-Quran and The Ijtihad as the source of Islamic principle as well.



After joining this course, Students hopefully can come up with the meaning of The Alkitab which is written several times on The New Engagement of Alkitab.

COMPETENCIESHINDU-  Be able to understand the meaning of philosophy, knowledge, and religion

–  Be able to understand the history of Hindu’s improvement in India and Indonesia

–  Be able to understandthe commencement of universe and its element

–  Be able to know with Veda and Maha Rsi coding as well, and comprehend the

principle of Veda and the source of Hindu’s Principle

– Be able to improve the loyalty and ensuring the existing of God

–  Be able to understand The Catur Purusatha and The Catur aAsrama as the goal life

through The Catur Marga Yoga

–  Be able to understand the principle on The Sad Darsana and The Nawa Darsana

–  Be able to understand the position of The Pandita and The Pinandita



– Be able to understand and explain the meaning of Alquran and Hadist

– Be able to understand the Islamic aqidah

– Be able to understandand describe the akhlakul karimah

– Be able to describe the human’s dimension and its potential

– Be able to understand Dzikir and Do’a

– Be able to comprehend how to make a good family regarding to Islamic principle

– Be able to understand the system of Islamic Economy

– Be able to understand (ZISWA) on business perspective

– Be able to explain the prophet’s business knowledge and competition

– Be able to understand finance and economic syariah

– Be able to understand marketing network/MLM on Islam

– Be able to understand E-commerce on Islam



– Be able to implemen the Alkitab in social life

– Be able to describe the role of the Alkitab in social life

SUBJECTHINDU- The philosopy of knowledge and religion

– The history of Hindu

– Universe

– Veda, Holly Book and Source of Law

– Sardha’s principle on Hindu

– Yoga, Cattur Purusa Artha, Catur Asrama, Catur Marga Yoga

– Hindu Dharma’s sociology

– Sad Darsana

– Moral principle and Hindu ethics

– Yaja

– Pandita and Pinanditha

– Holly place, Tirtha Yatra, andHindu’s holly day

– Niti Sastra and Hindu’s leadership



–  Al-Qur’an and Hadist

–    Ijtihad

–    Aqidah Islamiyah and Akhlaqul Karimah

–  Human’s dimension and it’s potential

–    Worship, dzikir, and doa

–    Mu’amalah, ikhtiar, integrity, and entrepreuneurship

–    Syariah on making islamic family

–    The system of Islamic economy

–    Zakat, Infaq, Shodaqoh, and Waqaf

–    Prophet’s business and competition

–    Financeand Syariah Economy

–    MLM on Islam

–   E-Commerce on Islam



–  The understanding of Alkitab

–  The Function and the benefit of Alkitab

–  The confession of Alkitab in social life

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