Critically Reading and Writing

2 Credits
DESCRIPTION Students have a knowledge, creativity, positive attittude in speaking Indonesia both oral and written which is applied on scientific work.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES Arranging scientific essay
COMPETENCIES –  Be able to select the topic, theme, and title of scientific essay writing-  Be able to link the reference with a good scientific work

–  Be able to show the draft of scientiffic essay

–  Be able to understand the rules of composing the word, sentence, and paragraph

–  Be able to define kind of scientific essay

–  Be able to indicate variety of laguages formally and non-formally as well

SUBJECT –  Variety of scientific terms-  Concept of effective sentences

–  Reading critically for writing

–  Quotation and reference

– Selection of topic, theme, and title of scientific work

–  Academic paper

– Theory of scientific wiritng

–  Closing

–  Presentation for scientific work

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