Critically Reading and Writing

2 Credits
DESCRIPTIONStudents have a knowledge, creativity, positive attittude in speaking Indonesia both oral and written which is applied on scientific work.
LEARNING OBJECTIVESArranging scientific essay
COMPETENCIES–  Be able to select the topic, theme, and title of scientific essay writing-  Be able to link the reference with a good scientific work

–  Be able to show the draft of scientiffic essay

–  Be able to understand the rules of composing the word, sentence, and paragraph

–  Be able to define kind of scientific essay

–  Be able to indicate variety of laguages formally and non-formally as well

SUBJECT–  Variety of scientific terms-  Concept of effective sentences

–  Reading critically for writing

–  Quotation and reference

– Selection of topic, theme, and title of scientific work

–  Academic paper

– Theory of scientific wiritng

–  Closing

–  Presentation for scientific work

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