Quality Management System

4 Credits
DESCRIPTIONThis course is a discussion about various aspects of quality management systemwhich covers the introduction to quality concept, quality improvement, the deepening of principles of quality control process and statistical design as well as imroving quality through designing a system in a business organization.
LEARNING OBJECTIVESAfter taking this course, students are able to explain :

–           The concept of quality which covers the definition of quality, product life cycle and quality component

–           Management development/quality control and quality management evolution

–           Quality cost, deciding the quality  improvement project

–           Principles of quality control process and design

–           Statistical quality control

–           Quality improvement through design

COMPETENCIESAfter taking this couse, students are able to know and understand the quality concept,mManagement and quality assurance, imensions of product quality,the principles of quality conrol process and design, statistical process controland iImproved quality through design.


SUBJECT–          The concept of quality

–          Management and quality assurance

–          Dimensions of product quality

–          The principles of quality conrol process and design

– Statistical process control
– Improved quality through design


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