Production Planning and Control

January 1, 2017
3 credits

Learning Objectives :

In accordance to its name, production and planning control discusses production planning and control processes in order to achieve effective and efficient production of the desired system. Aspects covered in the planning and production control is setting the balance between market demand with production capacity, with the support of job scheduling and planning of raw material inventory.

Competencies :

1. Students are able to analyze demand and demand forecasts for production planning purposes
2. Students are able to create a master production schedule
3. Students are able to make plans and material requirements planning and inventory control
4. Students are able to make capacity planning
5. Students are able to plan and control the factory floor scheduling
6. Students understand the concept of on time production and are able to determine the number of kanban
7. Students understand the differences order-based manufacturing systems and stock-based and able to make a production schedule based on project
8. Students are able to plan the distribution of products

Subject :

Demand forecasting, aggregate planning, preparation of master production schedules, and capacity planning, inventory control, material requirement planning, capacity requirement planning, production scheduling, workforce scheduling and balance track, on-time production concept

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