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Data Network & Protocol

Data Network & Protocol Supporting Competences: NE.1, NE.2 and NE.3. Able to design, develop, and analyze, as well as anticipate development direction o ftelecommunication technology es pecially in the aspect of latest network and service convergency. Objectives: Studying the concept of data network and its protocol, by considering lates data network and its obstacles, in […]

ICT Business Management

ICT Business Management Supporting Competences: P.4 Able to manage project and business based on ICT cimpetences field, especially related to latest wireless communication system and wireless access network, and optical backbone network field. Objectives: studying Worlds’ and Indonesian ICT market personality, Innovation management: Keys to successfull Innovation, Manajeman Start Up Hi Tech, and Business Modelling. […]

Advanced Wireless Communication

Advanced Wireless Communication Supporting Competences: WC.1 Able to design and implement wireless communication system or subsystem by cinsidering regulation and technical aspects, especially directed to technology convergency. WC.2 Able to develop wireless communication technology. Objectives: Studying and understanding transmission system on wireless broadband communication, including basic principals, canal capacity, propagancy models, processing schemes. Also Introduced […]

Network Mathematics

Network Mathematics Supporting Competencies: CM 1. Able to analyzing latest telecommunication system and its obstacles, especially related to network. Objectives: Students understand the concept of graph, its application, optimized algorithm, optimality, transversal algorithm, queue, little theorem, and queue network.

Advanced Digital Signal Processing & Application

Advanced Digital Signal Processing & Application Supporting Competencies: CM.2 Able to provide optimum solution for latest telecommunication system problems, by accommodating various QoS guarantee, application and new services. Objectives: Studying characteristics of signal, system, and random process, signal modelling, optimized signal processing, adaptive algorithm and filter, spectral estimation, larics processing as well as supporting specifics […]

Telecommunication Network & Performance

Telecommunication Network & Performance Supporting Competences: NE.3 Able to execute analysis of telecommunication technology, related to network convergence and latest service aspects, International standardized telecommunication regulation. Objectives: Studying various metrics for measuring quality of telecommunication system and methods in system reliability evaluation. Studying network management by understanding queue and control method in network, furthermore expected […]

Advanced Digital Communication Systems

Advanced Digital Communication Systems Supporting Competences: WC.1, able to construct and implement system or subsystem fo wireless communication by considering technical and regulation aspects especially with technology Convergence tendency. Objectives: Advancing understanding in digital modulated signal representation (time domain, signal space, and frequency domain) as well as BER/SER performance in only AWGN canal. Discussing canal […]

Research Metodology

Research Methodology Objectives: Providing guidelines in research especially in the field of Electrical Telecommunication Engineering. Topics of discussion includes function, characteristics, range of problems and research procedure, various experimental techniques, hypothesis formulation considerations, various implementable analysis, aspects of research implementation techniques as well as research reporting techniques, as well as understanding and implementing professional ethics […]

Stochastic Process

Stochastic Process Supporting Competencies: CM. 2 Able to provide optimum solution for latest telecommunication system problems, by accommodating various QoS guarantees, information security and network. Objectives: Study about Event Calculus, independent repetitive trial, conditional probability, random variable, random variable statistics, normal random variable, Poisson, exponential, erlang, experimental statistic of a particular random variable, random variable […]