Organizational Behavior

January 1, 2017
3 credits
DESCRIPTIONOrganizational attitude is a field of study, which means that organizational attitude is a particular skill that has a common scientific field. OA teaches three significant factors in organizational behavior: individual, group, and structure. OA implements the knowledge obtained that relates to individuals, groups and influences of structures towards attitudes as to make an organization to work effectively.
TUJUAN PEMBELAJARAN/LEARNING OBJECTIVESPada akhir perkuliahan mahasiswa dapat Menganalisis perilaku organisasi dalam ruang lingkup perusahaanAt the end of the course, students are able to analyze organizational behavior in a company scope
COMPETENCIESBy studying the subjects, students are able to:-          Define organizational behavior and basics in individual attitudes,

–          Explain factors that determine one’s personalities, distinguish emotion and mood,

–          Explain concepts of motifs in terms of attitudes and work satisfaction,

–          Show some basics in group attitudes and understand teamwork,

–          Explain communication process,

–          Relate cases in organizational behavior with organizational theories,

–          Explain leadership theories,

–          Compare leadership and authority,

–          Describe conflict  process,

–          Summarize basics of organizational structure and explain organization of matrix,

–          Describe strengths used as improvement stimulus and explain variables in individual differences that connect stress and work result,

–          Relate organizational system and organizational dynamics.

SUBJECTBasics in individual attitudes, personality and attitude, emotion and mood, motivation, attitudes and work satisfaction, basics of group attitude, teamwork, communication, leadership, power and politics, conflicts and negotiation, organizational structure and culture, work stress.

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