Operational Research 1

August 1, 2016
3 credits

Learning Objectives :

This subject studies the optimization problem of a deterministic problem to completion through mathematical modeling and methods. It will be learnt how to formulate problems that are deterministic in a mathematical model. Modules and methods are studied primarily linear programming, simplex method, specific problems, integer, dynamic program, transportation and network analysis / network

Competencies :

1. Student will be able to formulate deterministic problems into linear programming formulation and its derivation, such as transportation model, transshipment, etv.
2. Students will be able to solve linear programming problems that are formulated with simplex method and its variations.
3. Students will be able to analyze the solutions of linear programming problems with the duality and sensitivity analysis.
4. Students will be able to solve transportation, transshipment, and tasking using proper methods.
5. Students will be able to use software to solve linear programming, integer programming, transportation, tasking, and network analysis.

Subject :

Function, Decision Variables and Constraints, Linear Programming, Sensitivity Analysis, Simplex Method, Duality Theory, Primal-Dual, Integer Programming

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