Multimedia Communication

TTG 633

Multimedia Communication

Supporting Competences: NE.1, NE2 and NE.3. Students are able to designing, developing, and conducting analysis, as well as anticipating the development tendency of telecommunication technology especially within the aspect of latest network and service convergence.

Objectives: Studying concept, basic principal, relevant fundamental design towards broadband communication network (with characteristics such as: real-time multimedia communications, transmission through combination of internet network and wireless Q19 channels). Students able to understand that multimedia communication network must be able to provide services for various multimedia transmission application which has QoS limits which caused by delay-sensitive, bandwidth-intense, and loss-tolerant multimedia applications. Students understand Framework in Multimedia Standardization, Application Layer, and Middleware Layer. Students understand Network Layer that supporting multimedia communication: Network Function, Network Traffic Analysis, QoS, Access Broadband network, Core Broadband Network, Content Delivery network. To provide understanding for students regarding latest multimedia communication system with its obstacles, students is given tasks to analyze latest researches and issues.

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