Mass Media Political Economy

3 Credits


ICT International
DESCRIPTION Mass media institution is considered as a part of economy and politic system, as reflected in the contexts on how the power of economy and politics influences media business in Indonesia and in other countries.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, students are able to compare mass media political economy system in Indonesia as well as in the world and relate it to the current mass media business.
COMPETENCIES After the course, students are able to explain basic concepts of mass media economy and politics, explain mass media as economic and politic institution, analyze mass media politic economy in Indonesia, explain mass media hegemony, explain characteristics, principles in mass media industry, and compare the differences of mass media economy and politics in the world
SUBJECT Basic concepts of mass media political economy, media, case study, mass media political economy theories of Marxism and non Marxism, propaganda and hegemony of mass media, and mass media industry.

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