Knowledge Management

4 Credits
DESCRIPTIONKnowledge management discusses the managemant of knowledge and information and its application in business.
LEARNING OBJECTIVESSetelah Mempelajari Mata Kuliah Ini, Mahasiswa Diharapkan Dapat Menjelaskan Difinition & Theory  Knowledge Management, Knowledge Renewal And

After taking this course, students are able to explain the definition and amp; theory of knowledge management, knowledge renewal and transformation, knowledge and organization design, knowledge sharing and competition, knowledge sharing and amp; transfer, knowledge in competition, designing strategy KM, developing Knowledge, aligning knowledge with corporate Strategy, knowledge management systems development, knowledge aplication,KM Business Cases.

COMPETENCIESStudents are able to explain the knowledge management, knowledge in comapny, relation between knowledge and organization, security management practices, share knowledge, explain the problems in KM, KM strategy, KM model, KM system development, KM application, futures of KM and KM cases.
SUBJECTKnowledge renewal and transformations, Knowledge and Organization Design, Knowledge Sharing and Competition, Knowledge Sharing & Transfer, Knowledge Sharing & Transfer, Designing Strategy, Developing Knowledge,aligning knowledge with corporate strategy, knowledge management system development, knowledge application, and knowledge management future

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