Internship 2

January 1, 2017
2 credits

Internship courses can only be attended by undergraduate students (S1) of Business Administration who have taken at least 110 credits (including credits in the current semester).

Internship courses can be taken under the following conditions: an internship should last in at least 30 working days (45 calendar days). It may take place in institutions / companies chosen by the students. Students who follow the Internship course are required to attend a hearing arranged by the secretariat of the study program. If certain student has completed 130 credits, or passed 7 semesters without taking an internship, the student can take replacement courses which are equivalent with number of credits of the internship (4 credits).

After following the Internship course, students are expected to have practical experience in an institution, agency or company, so that students can compare or be able to implement the theories they have acquired during lectures.

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