International Finance

4 Credits
DESCRIPTION International finance is a concept that is useful in decision-making which is related to the influence of international events for the company’s  financeand in deciding the steps to take by using the positive development of the company and keeping  the things that are harmful.

International finance is also useful as the knowledge to anticipate and predict the events that influence the international community to make a favorable decision before the incident occurred.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES After taking this course students are able to analyze the concepts of international financial management in business environment.
COMPETENCIES Students are expected  be able to :

–  Identify the purpose of multinational coorporation (MNC) and international business,

–  Describe the suitable key theories of international business, explain the international monetary system, balance, international parity conditions,

–  Calculate the market and value of foreign exchange, foreign exchange exposure, international investing management.

–  Analyzing the international financial management.

SUBJECT Multinational Corporation and international business, international business theory, international monetary system,balance of payments, international parity conditions, foreign currency exchange rate, foreign exchange derivatives and markets and international investing management.

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