Information System Analysis and Design

August 1, 2016
3 credits
Information Technology InfrastructureThe series of these lessons provide an introduction to the problems related with Information Technology infrastructure for students majoring in Information Systems. It covers topics related to system and computers architecture, communication networks, with an overall focus on service and capability where the information technology infrastructure transformed into a solution in the context of organization. The series of lessons gives students knowledge and skills needed to communicate effectively with the professionals, and have a special focus on the hardware and software technology systems, the design of organizational processes and software solutions that requires deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations of information technology infrastructure. In addition, a series of these lessons also prepare students for role in the organization that involves the interaction of external vendors regarding to information technology components and infrastructure solutions. The main focus is Internet-based solutions, network and computer security, business continuity, and the role of infrastructure in regulatory compliance. Systems Analysis and Design discusses a series of diverse processes, methods, techniques and tools used by organizations in determining how the organization running the business, with a special focus on how computer-based technology that can effectively contribute to how business can be conducted. This series of lesson covers a systematic methodology to analyze the problem or business opportunities, define a role, if any, technology-based computer can handle business requirements, articulating the business requirements for the solution technology, specify an alternative approach to acquire the technological capabilities required to meet business needs, and to specify requirements information system solutions.

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