Ekonomi Keuangan International

4 Credits


ICT International
DESCRIPTION In this course the discussed topics are the basic concept of international finance and international debt to a country.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES After taking this course students are expected to be able to analyze the international debt to a country using the international finacial concept and monetary concept.
COMPETENCIES Understanding the international financial basic concept, explaining the basic concepts of determining exchange rate, showing the influence of fiscal and monetary policy  to a country, demonstrating the monetary approach, balance of payment and portofolio in determinig the exchange rate and analyzing the international debt to a country using the international financial concept and manetary concept
SUBJECT International financial basic concepts, spot and forward exchange rates basic concept, theory and model of Mundel-Flemming, monetary approach to the balance of payment, international policy, exchange rate, monetary union, international finace and capital flow, developing countries and balance of payment and international debt.

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