Mathematical Economics

August 1, 2016
4 credits


DESCRIPTIONMath is the tool which can simplify the presentation and comprehension of problem. By using math terms, some problems can be easyto be presented, comprehended, and solved. As the developed knowledge, economics deals with math in every its discussion. Due to this fact, every concept of Math has become primary anlytical tools on economics. Thus, modern economics has been used mathematically.
LEARNING OBJECTIVESAfter taking tihis class, Students are expected to be able to use technique of math as the tool to overcome the problem in business and economy
COMPETENCIESAfter dealing with the discussion, Students are expected to be able to identify everything in terms of functional concept such as equation. They come up with linearity such the way to form non-linear equation, linkingthe primary characteristicof exponensial and logarithmic function, presenting important characteristic of differences related to the function which consists of one-free-variable on its equation. They hopefully can link differential theory to be implemented in economical models consisting of one-free-variable, present differential characteristic to the function which has more free variable, compose and conclude theories of economic math including the originality of mathematics, logic of economics, and implementation of math’s concept on economics.
SUBJECTMath function, linearity, equation, non-linear connection, economical implementation of non-linear function, exponensial and logarithmic, different of simple function, differential economic implementation, parsial difference, economical implementation on partial difference, and matrix

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