Digital Information Preservation

3 Credits


ICT International
DESCRIPTION Digital information has its own advantages and disadvantages. Digital information can be old, vulnerable, and depend on devices. The advantages and disadvantages are considered in evaluating the importance of a system in securing digital information so that it can be accessed in a long term period.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES  At the end of the course, students are able to evaluate digital information preservation system in companies.
COMPETENCIES Students are able to understand the use of current digital information, concept of information, digital data, various digital preservation methods, digital preservation principles as to prevent data loss, long-term digital information preservation system, general causes of data loss, Disaster Response system in securing data, and digital information preservation system.
SUBJECT Introduction to Preserving Digital Information, Information structure, digital preservation, long term digital preservation, general causes of data lost, disaster response, and digital preservation system in a company.

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