Database System and Management

January 1, 2017
4 credits
Data,  Information  &  Knowledge  ManagementThe series of these lessons give students an introduction to the main concepts of data and management of information. The series of these lessons centered around main skills in identifying the information needs of an organization, modeling it using conceptual data modeling techniques, convert the conceptual model data into the data model relative and verify characteristics of structural data using normalization techniques and implements as well as utilizes a relative database using Industrial-strength database management system. It also covers a series of lesson which learning about a series of basic database administration activities and the key concepts of data quality and data security. In addition, this series of lesson assist students in understanding how to wrap up a very large scale system depends on the use of DBMSs. Related to build understanding the transactional database, the series of subjects are also provides an introductory related to data and information management technologies that provides capabilities in supporting decision-making under the auspices of wide business intelligence.

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