Creative Economy

4 Credits
DESCRIPTIONThis subject gives the introduction of perspective current theories, methodologies issues, empirical work in creative economy.
LEARNING OBJECTIVESBy the end of the course, students will be able to understand the economy strategy in creative industry in order to know the economy strength and challenges in creative industry. Students will be able to develop their understanding about the overview of management structure such as strategy, value creation and designing business model as an analytical approach to be able to identify and solve problems faced by creative industry.
COMPETENCIESAfter attending this course, students will be able to understand the definition ad the scope of creative industry, analyze request & creative things, show Cost Conundrums, Copyrightsand creative entrepreneurship community, analyze business strategy in creative industry, and create value creation and business model of creative industry.
SUBJECTThe scope of creative economy, request and creative things, cost conundrums and copyrights, creative cities, business strategy of creative industry, value creation in creative industry, and business model of creative industry.

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