Content Development

4 Credits


ICT International
DESCRIPTION The core factor of communication process is a message or content delivered from the sender to the receiver. In content communication business, it is a commodity that has ecomomic value so that it can be value driver in communication business. Therefore, ability in packaging message into valuable content becomes very important. Comprehension in course substance should become one of core competences that communication business managers should master.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES Being able to produce a content work using ICT media by using available content factors that can attract audience.
COMPETENCIES Students are able to know the history of digital media platform development, literature writing method, literature content development method, audio and visual, its content and type, diagram and work planning, and production of a content work by using ICT media.
SUBJECT Digital Content Development Platform, content history, literature type, movie scenario and plot, novel writing, comedy content, game content, content for children, creativity, technical movie, color and tone, music and content integration in ICT media.

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