Business Statistics

August 1, 2016
4 credits
DESCRIPTIONThis course provides Studentss to be able to describe basic concept of statistics, to overcome business and management problem, to describe how to collect datas and to analyse them to get the parameter, to identify and implement some basic statistic method to eovercome business and management problem. This course also give Studentss the ability to analyse result by using concept of basic statistics, and to implement statistic software for solving problem on business and management then to analyse its result.
LEARNING OBJECTIVESStudentss are expected to comprehend concept of basic statistics on business and management, to identifyand to overcome variety of problem on business and management by using concept of basic statistics, to recognize statistic software and how to use it properly
COMPETENCIES–  Be able to identify variety and source of data-  Be able to describe concept of data parameter

–  Be able to count data related to variety of distribution probabilities

–  Be able to intreprete the meaning of prediction of reliant interval

–  Be able to interprete statistical result on business and management

SUBJECTBasic concept of business statistics, basic concept of parameter dispersion and data counting, probability concept, point prediction and reliant interval, and using proper statistic tools in a case

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