Business Philosophy

January 1, 2017
2 credits

This course learn the basics of the philosophy of business activities, which is a social and cultural activities of man. In this course, the business activity is seen as a manifestation of human life force (vital impetus) to sustain life, a good life and increased life better direction again (to keep alive, to live well, and to live better). The market is seen as an institution that is relevant to realize this life, through the efficient division of labor, and the exchange that benefit all parties. Profit is seen as “intermediate objectives” in order to achieve life goals to maintain life, a good life and increased life into yet better direction(to keep alive, to live well, and to live better). The nature of the business itself presupposes “theprosperous other”.

Business activities will not run or will be very exclusive when others are not prosperous. The purpose of business is “common welfare” or the achievement of “purpose in life” for all parties. Humans as economic beings (homo economicus) must be placed in the context of a holistic, that man as a rational being (animal rationale) and as social beings (ens sociale). After following this course, students can understand and appreciate that business activities are mans’ social and cultural activities.

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