Business Management

4 credits
DESCRIPTIONThis course provides Students the undestanding of business management based on the concepts, of needed theory, and of the implementation to analyse current business
LEARNING OBJECTIVESAt the end of this course, Students are able to present the relationship between management concept and their own business with business/operation in existing company
COMPETENCIES–  Be able to identify management concept, business system, and businessenvironment

–  Be able to describe business ethics and its responsibility

–  Be able to describe entrepreuneurship and business company

–  Be able to enlighten organizational business company

–  Be able to present how to manage companies aspects

–  Be able to analyse business in some companies

SUBJECTManagement, business environmet, business ethics and responsibility, entrepreuneurship, business company, organizational business company, companies aspects, and analysis of company business management

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