Rinna Fridiana, SE., MM.

Rinna Fridiana, SE., MM.

Director of Admission, International Office & Library

The biggest challenge of being a leader is the management of human resources. The Director of National Admission and International Office of Telkom University, Rinna Fridiana (44) believe that a leader will be successful to reach the target if he/she is able to unite the team spirit for always be unified and solid. The manner is by treating all managers and staffs as a friend and family who want to develop together.

“I always remind all my staffs that our main purpose of working is for the happiness of our family. Therefore, whatever we do in our jobs we should do our best. For the happiness of our family we have to work hard,” she said via online media in Bandung, Thursday (January 14th 2016).

Work hard to reach the target indeed is not a new thing for Rinna. A woman who has had a career at Telkom Foundation for 24 years has a lot of experience in the marketing world of education business. She is well aware that the competition of education business is very tight nowadays, high fighting spirit is needed. Thus, she always motivate her staffs to keep learning, while instilling confidence that they can overcome any problem encountered. “If our staffs getting smarter, our job as a leader will be easier,” she stated.

Quoted from Pikiran Rakyat newspaper Bandung, Indonesia.