Management Information System

3 Credits
DESCRIPTIONTo some extent, the importance of information has been realized by companies so that it is deserved to be managed exclusively apart from any other management fuctions, marketing, manufacturing, financial and human resource. It is for all information service to all managerial levels in all of the functional area that this course is directed to. SIM basic concepts, life cycle paradigm, technic modul and its implementation are expected to be helpful in guiding students to comprehend well.
LEARNING OBJECTIVESAt the end of the course, students are able to explain system in a company
COMPETENCIES–         Describing  system concept, the implementation of MIS, and its implication-         Determining system development method

–         Describing  the relation between MIS supported technology and its implementation

–         Designing a system in a company

SUBJECTConcepts and the implementation of MIS, system development method, MIS supporting technology as well as its implementation, and system in a company