Student Mobility Program TelU x Universiti Malaya Malaysia 2022

Student Mobility Program TelU x Universiti Malaya Malaysia 2022

Student Mobility Program between Telkom University and Universiti Malaya Malaysia is again implemented at the end of 2022. This is the 8th year of the collaboration of the two universities in facilitating student mobility program. This year, the chosen theme for student mobility program is “Robotic, Cyber Security, and Culture Exchange” which is divided into two sessions: December 10, 2022 where Telkom University hosted the program, and January 7, 2023 which will be fully hosted by the Universiti Malaya Malaysia.

As for the 1st session, Telkom University started the student mobility program by holding the opening ceremony attended by representatives of the two universities. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suraya Hamid, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs of Universiti Malaya Malaysia, as well as Lia Yuldinawati, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Partnership & International Office, Telkom University expressed their enthusiasm and hopes for this program. They are looking forward to this student mobility program as an annual collaboration between Telkom University and Universiti Malaya Malaysia.

Student Mobility Details

In this student mobility program, we present a cultural exchange that is delivered by students from both universities, which sets our program apart from previous student mobility programs. At the 1st session of this student mobility program, four Telkom University students who are currently members of International Office Student Buddy Club (IOSBC) had the opportunities to share Indonesian Cultures.

  1. Chairul Herman, Accounting student shared a topic of Differences in Accent and Uses of Words between Sumatra and Java Island.
  2. Muhammad Egan Renjiro, Information System student presented material on Crown Jewel of the Indonesian Art Deco Architectural Movement.
  3. Amelia Putri Qatarina, ICT Business student talked about Campus Culture: the Stereotypes of University Students in Indonesia.
  4. Kamilah Hasanah, Biomedical Engineering student delivered a topic of the Evolution of Fashion in Indonesia.

Followed by a Class Session, Ms. Marlindia Ike, S.T., MT and Mr. Simon Siregar, S.Si., M.T., lecturers at Telkom University delivered the topic on the Robot Simulation Using Webot in this student mobility program. According to their explanation on this student mobility program, webots is a professional mobile robot simulation software package. It provides a rapid prototyping environment that enables users to build three-dimensional virtual worlds with realistic physics elements like mass, joints, friction coefficients, etc. Simple passive objects or mobile robots, which are active objects, can be added by the user. These robots may use several types of movement techniques (wheeled robots, legged robots, or flying robots). Additionally, they might have a variety of sensors and actuators, including drive wheels, cameras, motors, touch sensors, emitters, receivers, and others. Finally, the user can independently configure each robot to display the desired behaviour.

Luckily, all participants were guided to make robots using webots in the 1st session of student mobility program. Even though only a few participants had the opportunity to present their work, other participants were also able to get insight through those simulation.

The discussion on today’s topics were beyond interesting. Participants were actively involved in the discussion session showing their interest on the Indonesian cultures as well as the robot simulation.

Next session of this student mobility program, participants will learn about Fundamental on Cybersecurity & Malaysian Culture on January 7th, 2023 hosted by Universiti Malaya Malaysia.(IO)***

Student Mobility Program TelU x Universiti Malaya Malaysia 2022