BRIDGE 2022: Exploration Sundanese Culture

BRIDGE 2022: Exploration Sundanese Culture

BRIDGE stands for Building Relationships, Intercultural Dialogue, and Global Engagement, is a collaborative program among 9 Indonesian universities, including Telkom University, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Universitas Padjajaran (Unpad), Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Unpar), Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Institut Teknologi Nasional, Politeknik Bandung, Universitas Widyatama, and Institut Pendidikan Indonesia, Garut. BRIDGE 2022 raises the theme “Exploration Sundanese Culture” in order to facilitate international students who are currently pursuing their study in Bandung, West Java, in getting know more about Sundanese Culture.

The following is the goals of the implementation of BRIDGE 2022:

  1. Promoting local culture and wisdom, especially Sundanese culture to international students who live in Bandung.
  2. Providing a forum for international students to build communication and networking with fellow international students on other campuses.
  3. Growing their social and cultural engagement in Bandung as part of efforts to build soft diplomacy.


BRIDGE 2022 has been being implemented since October 29th, 2022 and will be ended on December 17th, 2022 covering 8 fun activities at 8 host universities. The schedule of BRIDGE 2022 is as follow:

29 Oct 2022OpeningBridge Bandung at GlanceCollaborationUPI
1st SessionBridge Sundanese ArtUPIUPI
5 November 20222nd SessionBridge Sundanese FashionPOLBANPOLBAN
12 November 20223rd SessionBridge Sundanese Traditional SportUNPADUNPAD
19 November 20224th SessionBridge Sundanese CulinaryTelkom UniversityTelkom University
26 November 20225th SessionBridge Sundanese ArchitectureUNPARUNPAR
3 December 20226th SessionBridge Craft – Design InteriorITENASITENAS
10 December 20227th SessionBridge Craft – BatikUK MaranathaUK Maranatha
17 December 2022ClosingBridge Bandung TourWidyatamaGedung Sate

The 4th session of BRIDGE 2022 was successfully held at Telkom University last Saturday (19/11/2022). Collaborated with Hospitality Study Program, School of Applied Science, International Office of Telkom University presented the theme of the 4th series of BRIDGE: “Sundanese Culinary” by introducing Colenak, a traditional snack from West Java. The class covered brief explanation of Colenak history and Colenak cooking demo. In addition, at the end of the 4th session of BRIDGE 2022, participants were grouped into 10 groups to involve in the Colenak Garnish Competition. The competition was absolutely fierce because all participants presented interesting and unique garnishes. It showed that all participants of BRIDGE have good sense of cooking art. Overall, the 4th session of BRIDGE 2022 was extremely amazing. The activity, ambience, speakers, and of course participants were so fascinating.

To sum up, by participating in BRIDGE 2022, participants are supposed to gain a deeper understanding of Indonesian culture, particularly Sundanese culture, in order to represent Indonesian social and cultural education when they return to their home country.

See you on the 5th session of BRIDGE 2022 at UNPAR, with the topic of Sundanese Architecture!(IO)***

BRIDGE 2022 Exploration Sundanese Culture