Kris Sujatmoko Won 2022 Visionary Educator Again

Kris Sujatmoko Won 2022 Visionary Educator Again

Kris Sujatmoko, lecturer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Telkom University, again won an award as the 2022 Visionary Educator. The award was given to Kris Sujatmoko by the UiPath Academic Alliance Educators which is an award for teachers/campuses based on student contributions related to automation skills (Robotic Process Automation, RPA). This is the second time Kris Sujatmoko won the award.

Kris Sujatmoko said this program is attended by more than a thousand universities from various countries. As many as 2500 teachers, including Kris Sujatmoko, then took part in an assessment process which included skills (certified), contributions to industry and community, number of papers/publications and number of activities in improving Automation skills. From this assessment Kris Sujatmoko said, 17 winners were selected, including Kris Sujatmoko.

Kris Sujatmoko explained that many companies are looking for workers in the field of RPA Automation to Telkom University as RPA Developers and RPA Business Analysts. Kris Sujatmoko added Telkom University also provides an opportunity to take a certification in the RPA field. This is where Kris Sujatmoko fulfil the qualification.

Kris Sujatmoko Opinion about UiPath Academic Alliance

Kris Sujatmoko said UiPath Academic Alliance Telkom University also takes part in RPA competitions, such as the ICStar Hackaton, which is held every year since 2020 and several students have won the 2020 and 2021 Hackhaton. In 2022 Kris Sujatmoko diclosed, more than 100 campuses are involved in the ICStar Hackhaton from Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Africa.

“The only way to be prepared in the face of a recession/crisis is to increase productivity. With RPA, employees will have the ability to multiply productivity and will have time for upskilling or reskilling. So this is the time to stay positive when conditions are difficult,” Kris Sujatmoko explained.

Kris Sujatmoko hopes that with this expertise that can increase productivity, Telkom University can contribute to facing the problems of the Indonesian Nation. Thank you Kris Sujatmoko.(IO)***

Kris Sujatmoko Won 2022 Visionary Educator Again