World Indonesianist Forum 2018

World Indonesianist Forum 2018

Magnificent Experience at the World Indonesianist Forum 2018: the Role of Millennial Generation.

On behalf of Telkom representative to Bali for the World Indonesianist Forum 2018: the role of Millennial Generation, I would like to seize this opportunity to exhibit our gratitude and appreciation for furnishing us with such a life time opportunity of not only being ambassadors of our reputable University (Telkom), but more significantly being accorded with the privilege to be part of such an august gathering.

The said magnificent gathering was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Indonesia; it was a two days long event and was held at the Cultural University of Udayana.

Day one, was the arrival and welcoming of the Participants among which were high delegates from different parts of the world with divers expertise relating to all aspect necessary for controlling the detrimental of technology therefore ensuring brighter future for the Millennial Generation; to present and share researches/proposals for Indonesia Millennial Generation to the World Indonesianist forum. Later in the evening, there was a huge welcoming Dinner which was hosted by Governor of Bali Province accompanied by relaxing cultural music performance.

On the second and the final day, the event started at 08:30am and lasted the whole day long. Usually people often tent to get bored and tired when an event last for a long period but trust me this one was an exception. Everything was well organized in such a way that every participant was contributing because after the opening ceremony, we were all reassigned to respective panels of which every panel has their own topics of discussion. The following panels and topics were;

  • Building world peace: Indonesia’s contribution to the Peaceful world. The Discussion and sharing on this panel was centered on;
  1. Indonesia’s experience in counterterrorism and DE radicalization.
  2. Indonesia’s experience in a peace-making process in Afghanistan, Palestine, and Rakhine State of Malanmar.
  • Panelists to this panel were as follows;
  1. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
  2. Christopher Michael Jason
  3. Sonu Trivedi
  4. National Agency for Counter Terrorism (tbc)
  • Indonesia’s Achievement in Science, Technology and Development. Myself was a member to this panel and the Discussion and sharing on this panel was centered on:
  1. Indonesia’s achievements in numerous technology-based industries: civil engineering, Sustainiable Island Development Initiative/SIDI, Renewable Energy, start-up business, South- south and triangular cooperation that Indonesia has implemented for years.
  • Panelists to the above panel were as follows;
  1. Muhamad IKhsan Modjo, an economist and financial expert with a person for innovative financing. Dr. Muhamad initiated the development of the SDGs impact Accelerator, which supports start-ups and entrepreneurs to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. He currently leads the UNDP’s innovative financial Lab as chief Technical Advisor and Team Leader.
  2. –Ing. Wolfgang Busse, A German Nationalist dynamic for the development of German-Indonesia cooperation in the fields of higher maritime education, research and development and industry. He has 16 years’ country experience in Indonesia, with various international projects. Dr. –Ing. Wolfgang Busse has wide experiences in the management of internation cooperation projects and teams, with a particular focus on university-industry cooperation in maritime education and training, marine engineering, and Island development. There is no doubt about the significands’ that a person with such resources and divers knowledge could meaningfully contribute to the Development of Indonesia.
  • Promoting and Preserving Indonesia’s rich culture. My able partner was a member to this panel and the Discussion and sharing on this panel was centered on:
  1. What the reach culture of Indonesia has to offer and what it should do to preserve and share its culture. In detailed, the comparison between Thai and Javanese culture was presented which myself personally find very interesting and worth learning. From there social structures, ceremonies (Selapanan and Kon Phom Fai), Panji and Inao, PRamayana and Ramakien, and Royal language. Turns out both Javanese and Thai language still has influence from Sanskirt.
  • Panelists to the above panel were as follows;
  1. Dr. I Wayan Ardika, MA. A Professor in Archaeology, faculty of Letters, Udayana University.
  2. Andrew John Cochrane McNelly, on Promulgating Cultural Affinities: A Social Media Experiment.
  3. Hilmar Faried
  • The above panel discussions and sharing went on till lunch time although there were interval coffee breaks in between which makes the whole thing move effective by preventing participants from getting bored and information overloaded. During the panel sessions no single person has the privilege of being part of more than one panel; however, after lunch break we had a Plenary Session centering on The future of Indonesia in which collective information from various panels were comprehensively conveyed to the general participant gathering.
  • Furthermore, at this session on Future of Indonesia; Prof. Dr. Jan van der Putten, A Professor Austronesistik in the Department of Southeast Asia (Asia Africa Institute) at the University of Hamburg where he teaches on Southeast Asian literatures and culture. Presented about Contours of the field of Indonesian Studies based on the Past Present and Feature of Indonesia. Seconded by Prof. Xu Liping, from the National institute of international Strategy Chinese Academy of Social Science whom presented research on Indonesian in China: Opportunities and Prospects.
  • After all the following constructive shearing and interaction, a final presentation was made on the overall outcome of The world Indonesianist Forum 2018 and then followed by closing delivered by Mr. Pramono, the Head of Policy Development and Analysis Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Finally, the entire delegates/participants were taken to the famous GWK, Uluwatu, for Dinner alongside, a cultural performance which was hosted by Director General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture.

Once again, we thank Telkom University for the wonderful opportunity and we hope that this report would serve its purpose.

Ayuba and Truc | Bali | 01/11/2018