Socialization of Scholarship and Admission to Student in Thailand

Socialization of Scholarship and Admission to Student in Thailand

Socialization of Scholarship and Admission to Student in Thailand. Socialization informing scholarship offered by Telkom University and its admission to Songkhla high school students has been held by International Office of Telkom University on Wednesday, September 8th, 2021. The aim of this socialization is to socialize about scholarship information and its admission for the high school students who intend to go abroad for higher education. Gratefully, the socialization was attended by many Songkhla students who are enthusiastic to get a lot of information from this socialization. It was also an honor that Ms. Lia Yuldinawati, the Director of Strategic Partnership and International Office, could attend this socialization to give warm greetings to Songkhla high school students. By attending this socialization, Ms. Lia Yuldinawati hoped Songkhla high school students can get to know Telkom University better.

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Socialization Informative Details of Telkom University

Before giving the details of Telkom University scholarship, International Office presented videos introducing Telkom University which provides the latest technology to support the students’ study, comfortable study areas, places to meet and hang out with friends, cafeterias with a wide variety of traditional foods, and one of the biggest libraries in the entire country.

Appearing as the first speaker of this socialization, Ms. Mefty Septiani, the Assistance Manager for International Services, introduced Telkom University in detail to Songkhla students, started from the vision to the activities of Telkom University. Telkom University, the best private university which is located in Bandung, is committed to becoming a world-class university that plays an active role in the development of information technology-based science and provides excellent education services for the nation. In line with the Director of Strategic Partnership and International Office in her welcoming speech, Ms Mefty hoped this socialization can enlighten Songkhla students about Telkom University.

The socialization also presented Ms. Lia Marlia, the Assistance Manager for International Mobility, as the second speaker of this socialization. In this opportunity, Ms. Lia gave socialization on informative and detailed information of scholarship offered by Telkom University and its admission details. Telkom University is welcome for international students from various counties who want to enroll in Telkom University through scholarship programs. KNB Scholarship, Telkom University Scholarship and Darmasiswa Scholarship are scholarship programs available at Telkom University that can be joined by applicants from Songkhla, Thailand.

In addition, in the socialization event, Ms. Lia mentioned some interesting programs that can je participated by the international students. Of course, those programs can help all international students both Telkom University students and non-Telkom University students to know and share knowledge through socialization activities. It was truly an honor that we could motivate students to study at Telkom University by giving the detail of scholarship and the activities done by international students.

We hope this socialization could answer participants’ curiosity about Telkom University and its scholarship, and also motivate and encourage them to decide studying at Telkom University.

See you at the other socialization event. And see you at Telkom University!(IO)***