Farewell of Outbound Mobility Student 2021

Farewell of Outbound Mobility Student 2021

Farewell of Outbound Mobility Student 2021. Telkom University through the International Office held the 2021 The Farewell of Outbound Mobility on Friday, September 3, 2021 at 10.30 am online via zoom meeting.

This farewell event aims to officially release selected students of the 2021 outbound mobility program to their respective destination countries. This farewell event invited all parents of selected students from various regions.

The Rector of Telkom University expressed his pride in this farewell event to the selected students of the 2021 Outbound Mobility Program, and also his gratitude to parents who have guided their children to be able to excel at the international level. “Farewell and good luck,” he said.

This farewell event invited Ms. Lia to present a report that the Outbound Mobility program aims to open collaboration with overseas campuses and broaden students’ horizons in their field of knowledge. This rare opportunity is a privilege for Telkom University students.

Farewell of 100 Students

Approximately 100 selected students who have successfully passed in several flagship programs are invited to attend the Farewell of Outbound Mobility Student 2021, including 11 selected students for the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) program, 4 selected students for the Double Degree Program, 7 selected students for Student Exchange at Multimedia University Malaysia, 1 selected students for the Global Internship Program, and 74 selected students of ATU-Net program.

Komang Jaya Bhaskara, a student selected in the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) program attended this farewell event to represent the other awardees to deliver remarks. For him, having the opportunity to study 1 semester at Pennsylvania University is a privilege that he is very grateful for. This is an opportunity to add insight and socialize the world. He also expressed his farewell to all audience.

Besides Komang, Hani was also present as an exchange student representative. In his remarks at this farewell event, Hany said that the experiences during the exchange student have shaped him to become a better person.

This Farewell of Outbound Mobility Student 2021 event is a gateway for selected students to start their new adventure. This is not a farewell, but a prayer for the awardees so that they can return safely and proudly to their best home, Telkom University.(IO)***

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