Online Test for East Timorese Undergraduate Applicants

Online Test for East Timorese Undergraduate Applicants

Online Test for East Timorese Undergraduate Applicants. Good news for applicants from Timor Leste! Telkom University will conduct Online Test for East Timorese undergraduate applicants in batch 4 of admission 2021. This Online Test in one of new student admission processes to seek for high qualification candidates from Timor Leste to study at Telkom University.



This Online test will be held in April 15-16, 2021.



There are 5 subjects tested in the Online Test which are divided into two session:

1st Session (April 15th, 2021): Mathematics & Physics

2nd Session (April 16th, 2021): TPA (Academic Potential Test), Indonesian Language, and English.



To join the Online Test, applicants are required to complete all application steps in online application portal:, including:

  1. Creating account in DEGREE Program
  2. Choosing PROGRAM (Bachelor or Diploma)
  3. Completing information of PERSONAL, FAMILY, and EDUCATION Steps
  4. Uploading all required documents:
  5. High school diploma
  6. High school transcript
  7. Passport
  8. Personal statement (motivational letter)
  9. Formal photo with red background
  10. Statement of compliance to the rule



After the application has been reviewed and verified, the applicants will receive information about USERNAME and PASSWORD through email. Next, on the Online Test schedule, participants need to:

  1. Access LMS of Telkom university at
  2. Log in with Username and Password shared by admission team
  3. Click “My Course” and click “TU-20-ISA”
  4. Choose the test as scheduled:
  5. Topic 1: Test Online Sesi 1 (Mathematics & Physics) (April 15th, 2021)
  6. Topic 2: Test Online Sesi 2 (TPA, Indonesian Language, and English) (April 16th, 2021)
  7. Do the Online Test as directed in the instruction



The participants who pass the Online Test will receive notification regarding next step of the admission which is Interview Session.



Any inquire regarding the Online Test can be dropped to:

International Office of Telkom University
Phone: +62 813 2112 3400
Email: [email protected]


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