Yusron & Yessy: From Intern to Silicon Valley Community

Yusron & Yessy: From Intern to Silicon Valley Community

Yusron & Yessy: From Intern to Silicon Valley Community. Telkom University through the International Office has collaborated with one of the internet software companies in the USA, Rockliffe System, related to the international internship. Align with this, the International Office of Telkom University held a sharing program and experience working at the Rockliffe System with 2 (two) alumni of an internship program at the Rockliffe System, Yusron and Yessy.

This activity was attended by Telkom University International class students, particularly students taking internship courses. On this occasion, Yusron and Yessy told about how they could take part in the program, the requirements, and preparation for joining the program, work as interns, company culture, and how Yusron & Yessy finally got accepted as part-time employee at the company.

Yusron Testimonial

Yusron said that he got information about the program from the International Office and ICAO social media. The preparation Yusron did to join the program was to collect the required documents. Yessy and Yusron conveyed that the most important thing in joining the program was the desire to learn more and be disciplined at work. Yusron said this is the best experience he ever had.

Meanwhile, Yessy shared the company culture at Rockliffe. She shared that the workers at Rockliffe consider about the time management. Yusron & Yessy are very structured and helpful. Yusron & Yessy are willing to help other staffs if they are in difficulties and very understanding.

Yusron and Yessy also told how they finally succeeded in becoming part-time employees at the company. From the results of Yusron & Yessy hard work and the job results that the company considered satisfactory, Yusron & Yessy were finally given the opportunity to become part-time employees, and get assistance for further study fees for S2 at Telkom University from the company.

This year, the Rockliffe System again opens opportunities for Telkom University students to take part in the internship program for the September-December 2021 for 6 (six) qualified students. Stay tune for more info!(IO)***

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