Joint Class TelU, UKM, and UiTM: New Insight, More Skills Unlocked!

Joint Class TelU, UKM, and UiTM: New Insight, More Skills Unlocked!

Joint Class Programs unlock new horizons. Today (14/06/2023) Telkom University (TelU) holds three Online Joint Class Programs in a row.  Today’s Online Joint Class is a collaborative program between Telkom University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). The 1st Online Joint Class is the Joint Class between TelU and UiTM which was attended by numbers of students from both universities. It was actually the 4th meeting in Data Mining session by Dr. Sofianita where students continued learning Clustering topics, the 2nd Clustering session to be exact. The joint class was run smoothly as Dr Sofianita explained and demonstrated the materials interactively.

The 2nd Online Joint Class employed today was still the Online Joint Class between TelU and UiTM. This one is the inbound student’s session, presenting Ms. Angelina Prima, Ph. D, a lecturer of Telkom University covering a similar topic to Dr. Sofianita’s which is Clustering. On this joint class, Dr. Angelina explained the idea of clustering basic concepts to participants from UiTM. Clustering basic concepts include partitioning methods, hierarchical methods, and evaluation of clustering. In addition, she differentiated between supervised and unsupervised learning on this joint class session. Supervised learning (classification) is divided into two: 1) supervision, the training data (observations, measurements, etc.) are accompanied by labels indicating the class of the observations, and 2) unsupervised learning (clustering), the class labels of training data is unknown, given a set of measurements, observations, etc. with the aim of establishing the existence of classes or clusters in the data.

The last Online Joint Class for today was Joint Class between TelU and UKM. The students were pleased to listen to two great speakers from Telkom University, Dr. Andreas Rio, and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Dr. Hanif Baharin. In this joint class, Dr. Hanif Baharin conveyed the topic on Meaning-making & Knowledge Creation through Transdisciplinary Research Practice while Dr. Andreas Rio continued the session by delivering his ideas on the topic of Design in the Domain of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

In his explanation on the joint class session, Dr. Hanif Baharin explained that arts have some purposes in our life, such as to brighten and enliven our world, to provide life with notes, elegance, fun, color, and variety, and to expand our vision of the world. Mr. Baharin also noted that arts and artificial intelligence support each other and cannot be separated to create something more beautiful.

Dr. Andreas Rio, Telkom University lecturer, added the ideas about Industrial Revolution 4.0 Phenomena IoT and Artificial Intelligence. In the world of Internet of Things (IOT) connects anybody, any service, any network, any place, any time, and any device. Furthermore, in this joint class session, he explained that the design objects such as vacuum cleaner, doorbell, wristwatch, and eyeglasses and currently design objects are embedded with machine that are connected to the internet and transforming them from Everyday things into internet things, for example the lamp that can be turned on by voice command.

Through this joint class programs, hopefully all participants will get valuable knowledge and experience and we do hope that there will be other interesting joint class programs between Telkom University, UKM, and UiTM.


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