Artificial Intelligence in Business, OJC TelU & MMU

Artificial Intelligence in Business, OJC TelU & MMU

Artificial Intelligence in Business, OJC TelU & MMU. Before going deeper on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Business, let’s see the definition of AI accessed from; Artificial intelligence is a general phrase that describes any kind of computer software that performs human-like tasks including planning, problem-solving, and learning. Using the term “artificial intelligence” to describe particular applications is analogous to referring to a car as a “vehicle”; while theoretically accurate, it doesn’t address any of the details. Nowadays AI is widely used in many aspects, including business.

Telkom University and Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU) presented the Online Joint Class on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Business to give students more understanding on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Business on Thursday, June 15th, 2023.


Artificial Intelligence in Business Highlights

Mr. Adhi Prasetio from Telkom University and Liew Tze Wei from Multimedia University had a chance to be the speakers on this OJC Artificial Intelligence in Business. According to the speakers, Artificial intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly computer systems, or some people say it can be implemented into a robot. The question is “how does artificial intelligence work?”.

Artificial Intelligence works by ingesting large amounts of training data, analyzing the data for output patterns, and using the patterns to recognize and learn or describe objects. Artificial Intelligence in Business is a modern method that is already being used by many companies for their future projects or work. This also concludes that Artificial Intelligence in Business can help companies increase their incomes with the marketing strategies to reach their main objectives or goals. In addition, Artificial Intelligence in Business has already helped a lot of companies improve their customer experience in the market. Mr. Adhi, as the main speaker of this Artificial Intelligence in Business class also taught students how to code artificial intelligence using a website, and he also showed us how to demonstrate the objects in real time.

Some companies already produced their business product using Artificial Intelligence, but most of them use digital voice assistant or chatbots to describe their products to audience. But there’s a high risk if we do our business with AI. Most of the target audience can find there’s a false recognition, scam or fraud from companies if they’re using it wrong. But still, Artificial Intelligence in Business can benefit work and business so much. Research proved that Artificial Intelligence is already having an impact on sales and marketing, thus the use Artificial Intelligence in Business can improve, even, the bottom-line companies to reach their target and sales rate.

 Here are some of the best ways of the use of Artificial Intelligence in Business:

  • Lead Prediction
  • Lead Profiling
  • Image Recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Competitor Analysis

The use of Artificial Intelligence in Business also saves time on repetitive tasks, increases employee productivity, and improves the overall customer experience, from marketing to operations to sales. It also aids in the prevention of errors and the detection of potential crises.

So, what do you think about the use of Artificial Intelligence in Business? Do you think it would have a bigger impact on companies? And what about human resources? Do we still need human resources in the future? Let’s discover those issues in the next program.



Artificial Intelligence in Business