Analog Electronics, an Online Joint Class between TelU & MMU

Analog Electronics, an Online Joint Class between TelU & MMU

Analog Electronics, an Online Joint Class between TelU & MMU. Analog Electronics is a main headline of Online Joint Class program between Telkom University and Multimedia University Malaysia. The program was held on Thursday, May 25th, 2023 at 3 PM (Indonesian Time) and 4 PM (Malaysian Time). This analog electronics program is hosted by Multimedia University Malaysia. Mr. Lim Way Soong, from MMU lead the Analog Electronics class and invited the main speaker of analog electronics class, Dr. Rizki Ardianto Priramadhi, a lecturer at Telkom University. Dr Rizki, in this Analog Electronics program shared material on Physical Principles Characteristics of Junction Transistors to a number of students from Telkom University and Multimedia University.


Analog Electronics, an Online Joint Class between TelU & MMU Highlights:

Dr. Rizki Ardianto Priramadhi from Telkom University joined the class and took us to the world of analog electronics circuits, covering definition of analog electronics. Analog electronics refers to electronic systems that use following signals to show and processing data. Analog Electronics are often used in applications where a various range of values, such as in radio and audio equipment and in control systems. Analog Electronics can be used in some various electronics things, such as Amplifiers, Filters, Oscillators, and Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Dr. Rizki Ardianto Priramadhi also taught us how the Analog Electronics work and how to apply them in some electronic things. Bipolar Junction Transistor became the interesting topic of this analog electronics program, it’s because analog electronics work so well on Junction Transistor. The Online Joint Class on Analog Electronics got more interesting when Dr. Rizki Ardianto Priramadhi showed students the formula for how to get Analog Electronics work on Transistor. It’s so tricky because if the formula input is wrong, the whole analog electronics become a disaster, and worse, they can explode.

 Those are the highlights and interesting things about Analog Electronics online joint class. Thanks to Multimedia University Malaysia to make the program ran successfully, hopefully we will do another collaboration with Multimedia University Malaysia or other Universities from various countries.



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