Water Coaster, International Student’s Outing 2023

Water Coaster, International Student’s Outing 2023

Water Coaster, Saung Angklung Udjo and Fun Activities. Water coaster and Saung Angklung Udjo gave six international students of Telkom University a new experience. There were six exchange students who joined the outing program that was held on Sunday, 21 May 2023. They went to Dusun Bambu where they tried Water Coaster ride. Also, they went to Saung Angklung Udjo in which they watched traditional performance.

All six international students went to Dusun Bambu to try Water Coaster for the first time. They went to Dusun Bambu by car provided by Telkom University and had breakfast in the car, and had a chat together. Water Coaster at Dusun Bambu was the opening activity that exchange students of Telkom University enjoyed doing. Ise Dore Dekker from Netherlands, Dasari Lakshmi Prasanna from India, Mahathevan Thevar Thinakaran from Malaysia, Kausalya Ramesh from Malaysia, Thrinethra Saravanan from Malaysia, Krisha Mani Maran from Malaysia tried this Water Coaster at Dusun Bambu.

Water Coaster was the first ride they ever tried in Indonesia. International student from Netherlands, Dore said “Water Coaster is amazing, extreme yet safe and we need also to put on the rain coat when we go for a ride on Water Coaster”, then Prasanna from India responded “I was soaking wet because of the water coaster, but it’s okay and I want to try more.” Thri from Malaysia added “It was so fast, but very exciting.”

Six international students who experienced a Water Coaster, were paired up and rode a large rubber tire to start sliding. Combined with the enchanting natural surroundings, Water Coaster gave interesting atmosphere to them, extreme yet safe and full of joy.

Water coaster and Saung Angklung Udjo gave 6 international students a new experience while staying in Bandung Indonesia. Keep updated with all interesting programs from International Office of Telkom University for all international students. See you all in another water coaster ride for international students of Telkom University!


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