Amazing Telkom University: Telkom Shocking Market Food Review

Amazing Telkom University: Telkom Shocking Market Food Review

Amazing Telkom University: Telkom Shocking Market Food Review. Rasyad (19), Telkom University’s student, decided to spend his Sunday at the campus. Unlike any other campus, Telkom University has this “shocking market” that was held every Sunday, where hundreds of people attended. This was literally heaven for many people, as abundant food, clothes, and other stuff merchants gather around at Telkom University.

Rasyad went for food, of course. “Telkom Shocking Market” provided so many Indonesian street food that is affordable and delicious. He bought “Awug”, “Lumpia Basah”, and “Cincau”. Turned out, Rasyad bought too many food for himself, so he decided to invite two of Telkom University’s exchange students from Malaysia, Irfan and Shah. It’s Sunday Morning, they’re hungry, and of course they were saying yes to the offer.

So as you can see in the video, both Irfan and Shah were fell in love immediately with the street food. They rated the food very high. Here is the thing about Indonesian food that you need to really understand, that it super delicious. We have so many recognition about Indonesian food from our international students that we lost count.

Food is one of so many unforgettable things about Indonesia. It is very common for us at International Office to receive a direct message from our alumni abroad about how they missed Indonesian food, especially the street food. “Bakso”, “Cilok”, “Lumpia Basah” are to name a view. The combination of simple ingredients, but with the right amount of spices and herbs has made Indonesian food so special.

Does it make you want to experience Indonesia more? We hope it does. We have so many program for international student to join, like student exchange, short course, joint class, etc. The new admission for 2020 will be opened at June 2019 for January 2020 and August 2020 intake.(IO)***