Amazing Telkom University “Inspiring Experience”

Amazing Telkom University “Inspiring Experience”

Welcome to the AMAZING TELKOM UNIVERSITY “Inspiring Experience” Web Series introduction.

AMAZING TELKOM UNIVERSITY (Amazing Tel-U) is a web series sharing some inspiring experience about Telkom University. The sharing includes the campus life, student activities, university facilities, and many more. Additionally, several tips and tricks that will help students enjoy the study at Telkom University will be shared. Therefore, Amazing Tel-U is expected to give valuable insight and better understanding of the campus.

Speaking about student activities, in Telkom University we have numerous student activities with various activities start from nurturing the traditional culture to sports, namely student regional associations, student organizations, student clubs, etc. The regional associations’ purpose is fostering the culture i.e. traditional music, songs, and dances in line with the regional background for example FORCY (from Bogor Province), PERMIB (Bandung), Widyacana Murti (BALI), KBSU (North Sumatra), KBMS (Sulawesi). While the organizations and clubs are vary from academic related such as journalist club, artificial intelligent club, robotic club to sports like football, volley ball, badminton, baseball, archery, tennis and so on. These student activities main target is to facilitate students’ hobbies and gain more experience even further achievement and award.

Telkom University has 7 faculties. Amazing Telkom University will presents a slight tour to every faculties embracing the laboratories, research groups, along with the achievements. Besides, a foretaste of the classes as well as the lecturers of each faculty.

Moreover, Amazing Tel-U will also encourage viewers to enjoy some facilities in Telkom University such as library, dormitory, sport center, canteen, swimming pool, hangout spot, running track, courts(tennis, badminton indoor and outdoor, basketball and football, etc.), and many more.

To make it more fun, the international students will be tasting Indonesian food and also giving their honest review. Not just food, visiting some tourism spot for memorable moments while studying in Bandung will be awesome.

The production team of Amazing Telkom University series are the members of international office student buddy club (IOSBC) supervised by international office Telkom University. IOSBC is a club under the supervision of international office aiming to provide inspiring and memorable experience for international students at Telkom University.

Team of Amazing Telkom University

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