Amazing Telkom University: Open Library

Amazing Telkom University: Open Library

Amazing Telkom University proudly introduce you to the modern yet comfy Open Library

Hello Telutizen!

As the best private and international standard university, Telkom University certainly complements the needs of students on campus with libraries supported by modern technology and facilities. This library is known as “Open Library”. As the name implies, not only Telkom University students can visit this place, this library is very open to the public as well and is open to people who want to learn.

With a design that is very cool and makes you comfortable to do anything here, such as working on group assignments, looking for sources for thesis, or spending time. We can find the Telkom University Open Library in the Mentrawu building / Dean Building, on the 5th floor. Service hours on Monday-Friday = 08.00 -19.30 and Saturday 08.00 – 12.30.

On the lobby you can see the Help Desk, you didn’t allowed to bring your own bag inside, here you have to input your student number and also bring your Student Card to get the key for a locker and Open Library Tote Bag, don’t worry! Your stuff will be safer in the locker.

After tapping your student card on the gate and getting inside, you will immediately see two computers at the curve table, here you can access all of the book, essay, paper, and everything else that available in Open Library. You can type the book title, publisher or writer by using the computer on this spot. You can also book a Discussion Room for your study group. This search engine website can be access even if you’re not using the computer. So, if you are in a rush, and couldn’t wait another line, just grab your smartphone and type in your browser.

In Open Library there are three sections with different functions and facilities. Let’s start the right section. They are International Cooperation, Mini Theatre, discussion room, and Bookcase Area. In the middle area you can find Multimedia Room, the entry, the center of library services, and digital catalogue. When you move to the left section, you’ll see the café (yes we have café in the library), and reference area.

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