The New Beginning for Telkom University and Canadian University Dubai

The New Beginning for Telkom University and Canadian University Dubai

Telkom University welcomed Canadian University Dubai (CUD) delegates, on Tuesday (18/06/19). The CUD delegates were led by their president, Prof. Dr. Karim Chelli, while Telkom University was represented by Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, the Rector.

That was the first time ever CUD visited Telkom University’s campus. They were started the visit by visiting some campus facilities, such as class room, dormitory, sports center, and the library. Karim was so impressed with the facilities, and believe that Telkom University can provide the best quality education at international level.

But, the main agenda of the visit was to discuss about any possible areas of collaboration between Telkom University and CUD. Prof. Dr. Karim Chelli said that CUD are open for any kind of collaboration form that Telkom University has to offer. He mentioned mobility program, joint degree, double degree, and joint research. Even a faculty collaboration on short term visit is on his list.

Telkom University, of course, applaud for the offers. Finding the right university partner with the same enthusiasm and vision is always Telkom University’s passion. Basically, Telkom University also open for any kind of possible collaboration. Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya said that Telkom University also has many programs to offer, such as Global Learning Week (GLOW), Leader’s Talk, student exchange, short program, joint research, even joint supervision for student’s final project.

By the end of the meeting, both universities agreed to arrange the collaboration program on paper, so they can finalize it. They expect to legalize an agreement into Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) anytime soon. The collaboration between the two universities is hopefully, the new beginning on something big for the future. Let’s hope that this collaboration not only going to be a solid partnership, but also a friendship between Telkom University and Canadian University Dubai.(IO)***