ASEAN-Australia Young Leaders Forum (AAYLF) Application

ASEAN-Australia Young Leaders Forum (AAYLF) Application

Hello, young generation! It’s such a pleasant to announce that the ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP) will be hosting its inaugural ASEAN-Australia Young Leaders Forum (AAYLF) from 29 November -2 December in Jakarta, Indonesia this year. So we are helping them to announce it to you. In that occasion, the AAYLF invites 40 outstanding young leaders (students, artists, young professionals and entrepreneurs) aged between 18 and 29 from across Australia and ASEAN who have demonstrated a capacity and commitment to solve the pressing challenges facing our region.

To join the program, delegates will not be charged at all because it is fully funded by the host since the AAYLF is committed to empowering a diverse group of young people. It aims to attract influential young leaders from across all disciplines and professions including science, policy, business and the arts. As the AAYLF will be hosted in English, a strong command of the language is essential. For you who are interested in joining this program, the registration is officially open now and will be closed on August 9th, 2019 through this link:

The application process consists of both a written application and a video submission. The AAYLF will select delegates based on a whole-of-person approach, and the combination of a written application and video submission as an opportunity for you to express your individual identity, creativity and abilities.

The AAYLF will hold an in-depth explanation on the transnational issues such as the digital economy, disaster resilience and counter terrorism. Expert panels and hands-on workshops will support delegates to develop projects that will help bring ASEAN and Australia closer together. Thus, in the forum, delegates will enhance a deeper insight of the ASEAN-Australia relationship, foster stronger intercultural leadership skills, build a regional network of like-minded young people and design and implement projects to improve ASEAN-Australia relations.

At the end of the workshop, delegates will leave as advocates and agents for increased partnership and collaboration between ASEAN and Australia. For further information, kindly access the AASYP’s website:***