From Tel-U to Japan

From Tel-U to Japan

From Tel-U to Japan. One of Telkom University students, Yusron Hanan Zain Vidi Imtinan, joined Summer Program in Kumamoto University, Japan which was held on July 17th – 26th, 2019. He received 80% scholarship to join the program as one of the realization of the partnership between Telkom University and Kumamoto University. There were 13 students involving in the Summer Program, including Yusron, while the rest were coming from other prestigious universities in Indonesia.

Yusron, an Informatics International Class student, said that joining that program was one of his great experiences so far. He spent 10 amazing days in Japan learning and experiencing Japanese culture. All Summer Program participants were warmly welcomed in the Welcoming Party in the first day, then continued to meaningful activities in the following days. They were 6 topics of lecturing session, field trip session, Japanese cultural experiences, and participants’ presentation session.

In lecturing session, they were explained about Aso Caldera where the participants learned about Aso Mountain as the largest active volcano in Japan. Japanese Onsen was also informed to the participants. It covered the explanation about Japanese hot spring, the bathing facilities and traditional inns frequently situated around a hot spring. The next topics were Amazing Water, where they were informed about Japanese water content, and Minimata Diseases, a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning. The other two topics were Japanese Sweet and Japanese Politics, where they learned about traditional dish and the politics regulated in Japan. Those lectures were delivered by 4 excellent professors.

Beside those indoor activities, they were also invited to the outdoor activity in field trip session. They visited Aso Mountain, Minamata Disease Museum, and Kumamoto Castle. Furthermore, they also exposed to Japanese cultural experiences such as making traditional dish named Wagashi, watching Japanese Culture Show named Taiko, and involving in the tea ceremony.

One day before the program end, the participants were asked to have a presentation about the program itself and their point of view toward the issue being discussed both in indoor and outdoor activities.  The summer program was ended by holding the farewell party.(IO)***