Logistics Engineering-A New Study Program Offered at Telkom University

Logistics Engineering-A New Study Program Offered at Telkom University

Logistics Engineering. In 2019, after announcing that Telkom University is preparing for two new faculties, Telkom University officially established new study program namely Logistics Engineering. Its operational permit was issued on December 28th, 2018 through the decision letter of the minister of research and technology No. 1195/KPT/I/2018. The preparation itself had been done since past two years by firstly conducting workshop involving governments, associations, practitioners, and academicians in 2017. Then it was continued by having benchmarking and cooperation with DB Schenker in Germany and several universities, including the International Office of the Hochschule Ruhr West Institute, Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld, Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, University of Stuttgart, and finally ended the meeting with alumni spreading throughout Germany (Purel, 2017). Besides, Telkom University also referred to Pertamina University and International University of Cement Indonesia which had in advance offered Logistics Engineering in Indonesia.

Logistics Engineering study program lays on School of Industrial Engineering which focuses on becoming a logistics engineering study program which has e-logistics scientific as a new color in logistics engineering which makes Telkom University Logistics Engineering differ from those two universities’.  This e-logistics scientific selection itself is chosen based on the state-owned enterprise that houses the program itself, namely PT Telkom Indonesia as a telecommunication platform in Indonesia. This scientific field developed is expected to be able to expand a system in logistics field in the present and the future era.

In term of vision, Logistics Engineering is designed to be an international standard Logistics Engineering which is capable to be an agent of change in shaping smart and competitive graduates who are competent in the development and management of information and communication logistics, and able to contribute in building a prosperous Indonesian society. To actualize this vision, three pillars of education which are education, research, and community service are applied in the mission of Logistics Engineering emphasizing Logistics and Supply Chain by utilizing information and communication technology.

This year, Logistics Engineering officially opens registration for new students coming from science major. For its first year, the study program accommodates two classes supported by a number of professional and competent lecturers and staff. The curriculum was designed based on the needs in a real practice to create skillful graduates. There are 145 semester credit units that must be accomplished by students to graduate from this study program. They consist of 16 semester credit units of compulsory subjects, 31 semester credit units of mathematics and basic science courses, and 98 semester credit units of logistics engineering courses. More than that, Nia, the lecturer of Logistics Engineering emphasized that in teaching and learning activities, students will be more exposed to the real culture of working world so that they can get used to doing the activity or task.

Erlangga, the lecturer of Logistics Engineering, also added that there would be at least 7 activities that are going to be treated to the students of Logistics Engineering. They will be involved in Logistics Engineering Student Association, Logistics Talks, Seminar and Expo, Industrial Visit, Logistics Games, Logistics Camp, and Logistics Attachment. By accomplishing 145 semester credit units and joining those activities, the graduates are profiled into three categories. First, they are expected to be a professional in logistics field such as logistics/SCM analyst, logistics/SCM engineer, and logistics/supply chain manager. Second, they can be an entrepreneur, building their own company/start up in logistics field. The last but not least, the graduates can pursue to higher education level to be academician & researcher as well.

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