UTHM Inbound Virtual Mobility Program

UTHM Inbound Virtual Mobility Program

UTHM Inbound Virtual Mobility Program. Faculty of Applied Science and Technology at UTHM, Malaysia cordially invites TelUtizen to participate in the UTHM Inbound Virtual Mobility Program-Semester Exchange. This is the opportunity to study in another university abroad without the hassle of moving or travelling. By joining this program, students will be granted recognition of course credits and mobility activity. You can still experience the new way of the global exposure, by joining international class, and make friends in the online classes.

UTHM is a long time partner for Telkom University. Numbers of Telkom University’s students have joined the student exchange program in UTHM, vice versa. The program will last for one semester. We know that doing a mobility program by actually visiting other country is way more interesting. But the global situation is not yet possible for us to do so. So for Telkom University’s student who want to take their minor in UTHM, you can join this program.


The Virtual Mobility will be implemented on March 21st-July 31st, 2021.

UTHM Inbound Virtual Mobility Program List of Courses

Here’s the list of courses that you can join in UTHM Inbound Virtual Mobility Program:

  1. Nuclear Physics (BWC21603)
  2. Radiation Biophysics (BWC31703)
  3. Financial Mathematics (BWA31603)
  4. Business Data Processing (BWB43603)
  5. Surface Science (BWC31003)
  6. Food Additive and Ingredient (BWD30603)
  7. Biogeography (BWW21402)
  8. Society and Environment (BWW30802)

Click here for detailed courses list: http://bit.ly/uthm-virtualmobility

Kindly consult with your guardian lecturer before you apply for this program, to make sure that the courses can be converted to Telkom University’s grade.


  1. TelUtizen coming from a bachelor degree.
  2. Excellent academic records and good honors.
  3. Having good English communication skills.


To register, kindly click this link: bit.ly/reg-uthm-exchange2021

Registration deadline: 7 March 2021


Should you have any inquiries, and interested in joining the program, don’t hesitate to contact:

International Office of Telkom University
Whatsapp: +62 813 2112 3400 (Whatsapp Only)
Email: info@io.telkomuniversity.ac.id


Dr Amira Saryati Ameruddin
Faculty Coordinator of UTHM
Phone: +6012-3457976
Email: amira@uthm.edu.my


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