Goal Setting and Growth Mindset for Students, After Class Talk Series #1

Goal Setting and Growth Mindset for Students, After Class Talk Series #1

Goal Setting and Growth Mindset for Students, After Class Talk Series #1. Welcoming 2021, the International Office of Telkom University is again conducting the After Class Talk 2021 program by having two main topics on SDGs and the International Students Series. Today (28/1) the first episode of the After Class Talk was held with the theme of Goal Setting and Growth Mindset for the students. Presenting two guest speakers, a psychologist and lecturer, Rezki Ashriyana Sulistiobudi and foreign student from Madagascar, Ando Fanaja Rastara, this After Class Talk succeeded in attracting approximately 60 participants.

Goal Setting and Growth Mindset for Students

Rezki, a psychologist and lecturer, explained how goal setting is very important, especially for the students to achieve their goals in the future. The material begins with a short psychological test to determine the dominant needs and what motivates the participants. The delivery of the material is very interactive because the participants can participate in the test. According to Rezki there are 7 skills to set up goals. They are identifying the key tasks we want to accomplish, establishing specific and challenging goals for each key task, specifying the deadlines for each goal, prioritizing goals, rating goals for difficulty and importance, building in feedback mechanisms to assess goal process and linking rewards to goal attainment.

Meanwhile, Fanaja who is a foreign student from Madagascar told us how she set goals by always dreaming big, nourishing our thoughts with positive things and mentally strong. Ratsara believes that action, motivation, and passion can make it easier for someone to achieve their goals.

The After Class Talk 2021 is a quite different from the previous program, because this year, After Class Talk will also raise topics about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is also showing Telkom University’s contribution to support the SDGs 2030 program. So, don’t forget to always follow After Class Talk activities in upcoming episodes. Because after class we need to chill and share.(IO)***

goal setting after class talk series 1