After Class Talk 2021 on SDGs and International Students Series

After Class Talk 2021 on SDGs and International Students Series

After Class Talk 2021 on SDGs and International Students Series. Telkom University through the International Office as one of the universities that has international students has held the After Class Talk program since early 2020 with the aim of providing a means of cultural and information exchange between international students and local students, especially Telkom University students. In addition, to create an international atmosphere in the campus environment and to help foster a confident and open attitude in conveying and receiving information from various countries. Moreover, this activity is also expected to introduce Indonesian culture to other countries.

SDGs in After Class Talk 2021

In 2021, the After Class Talk activity will be held again with two main themes, namely the International Students Series and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Series, which is a global action agreed upon by world leaders, including Indonesia, to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect environment. It is hoped that by raising topics related to SDGs, it can provide knowledge for participants, especially students, who later in 2030 will be the generation who will feel the peak of the demographic bonus.

No. Month Theme Topic Date
1 January International Student Series Goal Setting and Growth Mindset for the Students 28 January 2021*
2 February SDGs Series Good Health and Wellbeing 22 February 2021*
3 March SDGs Series Gender Equality: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls 17 March 2021*
4 April SDGs Series Webinar on Waste Management Tentative
5 May International Student Series Ramadhan Around the World 17 May 2021*
6 June International Student Series International Student’s Buddies 9 June 2021*
7 July International Student Series International Student’s Challenge and Adjustment 14 July 2021*
8 September SDGs Series Education for All 21 September 2021*
9 October SDGs Series Climate Action: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts 5 October 2021*
10 November International Student Series Heroes’ Day 29 November 2021*

Here is the Schedule of After Class Talk 2021:

*subject to change at any time


Who Can Join?

After Class Talk would be open to any international and Indonesian student, undergraduate or graduate, who are willing and committed to participate in the program as well as interested in exchanging ideas with other students.

Any and all willing students are encouraged to join this program for as long as they are enrolled as a student at Telkom University and also for students from other universities.


To join, kindly register to the following link:


  • E-certificate
  • Door prize during the event

We welcome all international and Indonesian students to join in this discussion as well as be part of the generation that supports the SDGs program. So, let’s join this program because after class we need to chill!(IO)***

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