Telkom University’s Students Won 2nd Place in Unity 2018 Competition

Telkom University’s Students Won 2nd Place in Unity 2018 Competition

Telkom University’s Students Won 2nd Place in Unity 2018 Competition. Three students of School of Industrial Engineering (FRI) as Telkom University representative in a national competition held by Yogyakarta State University succeed won as the second winner.

Unity 2018 is a routine competition which held every year, this competition consist various national level competition which participated by universities all over Indonesia. Telkom University was represented by Fachrul Hijriah Usman, Eliza Adira H and Abdlu Aziz. The representatives was competing in Software Development and managed to create a service application, the application called “Emergency Action (EmerAct)”. Because of this idea and the creativity of the students to make such application they managed to won the 2nd place.

This competition was held at Yogyakarta State University on 27th April 2018-28th April 2018, and was attended by both private universities and state universities. Aziz explained that the application he made with his team is a portal of information, where the application provides reviews and location of emergency services in Special Region of Jakarta (DKI Jakarta). The information in the application they took from official website of Government Web Service in

This EmerAct application will help people, specially whose living in DKI Jakarta to access information about the nearest emergency services based on the geographic information system. This application is not only to find emergency services, but the user will be able to fill their complaints, reviews and testimonials related to emergency services in DKI Jakarta.

EmerAct was developed by web based with responsive design. The strategy to be a winner is a good idea presentation and creation, also the assessment of application challenges in the final.

“we were overwhelming with the other competitors who proposed ideas with based of IoT on this Software Development category, even thou for IoT itself has its own category to compete on” Said Aziz when he was interviewed. (Pooja / IO).


Source: Bulletin Telkom University Edition 219/Mei/2018

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