Swastamita Past and Beyond, the Virtual Exhibition Organized by Telkom University

Swastamita Past and Beyond, the Virtual Exhibition Organized by Telkom University

Swastamita Past and Beyond, the Virtual Exhibition Organized by Telkom University. The Covid-19 pandemic presents its own challenges for all parties, including in the fashion sector. Fashion Shows which are usually crowded are now limited by several regulations including social distancing. However, Telkom University organized a virtual Crafts, Textiles and Fashion Show entitled ‘Swastamita Past and Beyond’ which was held on October 13 – November 13 2020. The event includes exhibitions, fashion shows, creative talks, and workshops.

The types of works displayed are fashion accessories, Surface Textile Design, Structure Textile Design, Contemporary Textile, Basic Fashion and Adibusana which can be accessed at https://swastamita-bcaf.telkomuniversity.ac.id/exhibition/studio-works/

The works displayed are the work of final year students and alumni of the Textile and Fashion Craft study program. The Creative Industry Faculty and the Curated Fiber Student Association. The Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya, appreciated these virtual exhibition and fashion show activities carried out by final year students of the Textile and Fashion Craft Study Program, Faculty of Creative Industries, during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to him, this activity is expected to increase student productivity at work.

“Today I am proud and give appreciation to the S1 Textile and Fashion Craft program which will show products in the form of shiw and fashion exhibitions. It will provide creative colors, productivity in work. Insya Allah, it will benefit us all,” he said during the virtual opening, Tuesday. (12/10).

Meanwhile, Head of the Fiber Student Association, Ade Vira, said that the Swastamita activity is an annual agenda. He said, the implementation of Swastamita this time was carried out virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Unlike the previous year, (this time) it was held virtually but in limited circumstances, we continued to innovate and be creative. Hopefully the works displayed can provide inspiration and advance the creative industry, “he said.

One of the alumni of the 2016 Class Craft, Textiles and Fashion Study Program, Inka Permata Sari, said the Swastamita activity was a form of appreciation for undergraduate students’ final assignments. He said, this activity is expected to provide broad benefits for students. “Hopefully it can provide broad benefits,” he said.(IO)***